KeyingKeying is one of Crystal Vision's real strengths and an area that continues to set us apart.

Whether you need to chroma key or linear key, we have a product to suit your application (and budget) perfectly. An integral part of our modular system, these 100mm x 266mm modules fit in the standard frames and allow easy integration with any interface or picture storage products while saving you rack space.

Used by broadcasters throughout the world, our easy-to-use and space-saving Safire real-time chroma keyers use their acclaimed digital chroma keying to create realistic 3Gb/s, HD or SD virtual images making them ideal for any live bluescreen or greenscreen virtual production, from weather to sports graphics.

You can also insert logos on to video sources using either our LKEY 3 linear keyer or the MultiLogo three-layer logo keyers perfect for multi-layer and multi-channel applications.


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