About Crystal Vision

About Crystal VisionCrystal Vision is a manufacturing company which designs broadcast equipment for broadcast engineers, with a focus on interface and keying products. Founded in 1996, it has headquarters in Cambridge (UK), an office in the USA and distributors in over 50 countries around the world.

With reliable multi-functional products, responsive customer support, quick delivery and a five year warranty, Crystal Vision is a company that people like dealing with.


What do we make?

SYNNER 310 synchroniser - an example of what we makeCrystal Vision designs infrastructure and keying products for broadcast engineers. As a main modular supplier we are able to provide all the essential 'broadcast plumbing' for your installation, while we specialise in chroma keyers, logo keyers, up and down converters, synchronisers, routing switches, audio embedders and video delays – products that regularly win the big project evaluations. (We've got 3000 boards in one recent installation.)

Our video over IP products - software apps that run on media processor hardware - are the easiest way for systems to grow and mature with the transition. They can work with IP (ST 2022 and ST 2110), with SDI or with both IP and SDI at the same time.

There are two different frame systems available.

Vision and Indigo frame systems

Vision is the industry's most forward-looking frame system and is aimed at those planning an IP or 4K installation or who want the most features on their SDI products. With one of the highest packing densities available, Vision can house up to 20 cards in 3U.

The Indigo frame system, meanwhile, offers a choice of three frame sizes (2U, 1U and desk top box) and the biggest range of products, including the chroma keyers and logo keyers.

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Why should you choose us?

Why choose us


How do you buy from us?

How do you buy from usIt's easy to buy Crystal Vision products, wherever you are.

Those based in the UK tend to buy directly from us – although we do work very closely with UK systems integrators and dealers who will often buy the products on behalf of the end customer. If you are based in the UK or Ireland and wish to place an order, you should contact us us on sales@crystalvision.tv or 01223 497049.

In the US you can either buy directly from our Georgia office, or you can buy from one of our appointed US dealers. Contact Chris McLendon (our US Product Manager) to place an order or to find out who is the Crystal Vision dealer nearest to you in the States.

In the rest of the world we tend to work through distributors – we have these distributors in over 50 countries. They are extremely knowledgeable about the full Crystal Vision product range and will give you all the support you need - whether you want more information, pricing or to arrange a product demonstration. Contact us to request the name of the distributor in your country.

In the countries where we don't have a distributor, you can buy from us direct.

If you're interested in buying Crystal Vision products, you can read about our terms and conditions and our five year warranty.

Our products can also be hired - ideal if you are working on a temporary installation. With a full range of hire stock available, we have hired our products for one-off events, trial channels, long product evaluations and more. Our hire pricing is typically 6% of list price per week, with a minimum period of one week and a minimum charge of £200. With longer hire periods it’s worth talking to us to see what we can do on price.

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What if you've got a technical question?

Ask a technical questionIf you've got a technical question, you'll discover that our customer support is regarded as the best in the business. With customer support teams in both the UK and USA, we are knowledgeable when advising you on the best solution for your application, while you'll find us extremely responsive should you have an issue with a product we won't go quiet on you.

We also provide lots of resources for you to download from this website another potential way for you to answer your technical question. You'll find user manuals, brochures, technical papers and videos - plus VisionWeb GUIs which allow you to try out the controls for every product.

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Where are we?

Crystal Vision UK headquartersWe have offices in two locations around the world. You will find our headquarters in the UK, while our US office is in Georgia.

Our UK head office is located in Whittlesford a village just outside the city of Cambridge. This famous university city is nicknamed 'Silicon Fen' and is widely regarded as the high-tech capital of the UK thanks to the cluster of technology companies located there.

We also have distributors in over 50 countries across the world.

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How did we get here?

Crystal Vision historyCrystal Vision was the creation of UK engineer Phil Scofield. After leaving university with a degree in Electronic & Electrical Engineering, he joined the BBC Design Department as an engineer, later moving on to another company to design digital special effects equipment. His first company start-up involvement came in 1988, and then eight years later and needing a new challenge, Crystal Vision was formed in 1996.

As well as owning the company, Phil also took on the role of Managing Director which he still holds today.

The company soon outgrew its original UK office in Sawston and in 2002 doubled its floorspace by buying and renovating a 1000 square metres building in Whittlesford, where it still is today. The US office was set up in 2008.

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Who buys our products?

We sell to some of the biggest broadcasters across the world. Customers include broadcasters, systems houses, Outside Broadcast vehicles, production, post production, entertainment venues, sports providers and educational establishments.

Our customers like dealing with us and so they generally come back for more.

See exactly who buys what by looking on the individual product pages.


Where can you see our products?

See us at exhibitionsVisiting us at an exhibition is a good place to see the products in action for yourself.

We have our own stand at the major international exhibitions (including The NAB Show and IBC), giving you a chance to meet with our full sales and support teams. Our products can also be seen at regional shows around the world on exhibitions stands run by our distributors.

Alternatively, if you have a strong interest in a product, our salesmen and distributors will happily bring the product to your premises for demonstration. Request a product demo.

And there's another way to 'see' the products. The video demos on this website will visually show you what can be achieved with some of our products.

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How do you work for us?

If you are keen to work for Crystal Vision, keep an eye on our Careers page for suitable vacancies. In our company, what you do will really make a difference. This is a company where people usually stay a long time and a place where you'll progress. It's easy to get here too both by train and by car.

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Life at Crystal Vision



How do you find out what we're up to?

Follow us on TwitterThere's always something new to tell you about. Such as newly-launched products and additional features for existing products. Or how the products are helping broadcast engineers in our case study stories. You can find all these and more on our News page.

Or why not follow @crystalvisionuk on Twitter? It's the way to keep up-to-date with our very latest documentation and product releases you'll be the first to know our news!

Alternatively you can keep up with our news by subscribing to our company page on LinkedIn or subscribing to our YouTube channel.

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