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Aspect ratio conversion

Aspect ratio conversionWe have a strong commitment to ensuring that our Standard Definition products continue to offer the best performance and features.

The popular ARC-20MC has all the features that make it suitable for every application - with superb picture quality, customised conversions and time-saving presets, full AFD functionality for easy automation and the ability to change the aspect ratio live on air without picture disruption.

Indigo frame system

Aspect ratio converters

  • ARC-20MC aspect ratio converterARC-20MC SDI 10 bit aspect ratio converter

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Our up and down converters include flexible aspect ratio conversion when converting between different definitions, while some even allow HD to HD aspect ratio changes - ideal for those situations when the original source was up converted using the wrong aspect ratio. Plus we've got a range of products that allow automatic selection of the appropriate aspect ratio thanks to AFD insertion and reading.