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Picture scaling

Picture scalingCrystal Vision offers a range of products that can resize and reposition video ideal for picture-in-picture effects, squeezing the end credits to preview the next programme or squeezing a presenter to allow room for additional graphic material.

The M-PIP IP/SDI picture-in-picture device is a dual box generator which allows up to two boxes to be inset on the main programme or on a coloured background. It works with IP (ST 2022 and ST 2110), with SDI or with both IP and SDI at the same time. It's a software app that runs on the MARBLE-V1 media processor.

From the Indigo frame system, the LKEY-SQZ squeeze back keyer is available, which combines picture scaling with keying.

Have a look at our Indigo and Vision keyers and picture scalers comparison chart to help you decide which one is best for your application.

Vision frame system

IP/SDI picture-in-picture

  • M-PIP IP/SDI picture-in-picture software appM-PIP IP/SDI picture-in-picture device – software app which runs on the MARBLE-V1 media processor

Media processor hardware

  • MARBLE-V1 media processorMARBLE-V1 media processor hardware which runs Crystal Vision's software apps, with connectivity for up to four 10GbE, six SDI inputs/outputs and eight AES inputs/outputs
Indigo frame system

Squeeze back keyer