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Products overviewCrystal Vision provides project-winning interface and keying modules to those involved in the professional broadcasting industry.

As a main modular supplier we are able to provide all the essential 'broadcast plumbing' for your installation, while we are also known for our more specialist products - such as the chroma keyers used by broadcasters across the world.

We also offer the most flexible solution to video over IP, with our MARBLE-V1 media processor and its software apps.


InterfaceAvailable in both Vision and Indigo frame systems

Crystal Vision makes the full range of interface products for 3Gb/s, HD and SD sources - everything you need for converting, distributing, delaying, processing and synchronising your signals.

InterfaceThese include the best glue products in their price range – products that win evaluations for the big projects.

Most include multiple functionality on a single board which helps save you money and rack space – while some even feature integrated fibre input or output connectivity for even more functionality in a single frame slot.

When it comes to interface, Crystal Vision will always give you features that you won’t find anywhere else.

The interface products are available in both the Vision frame system and the Indigo frame system.

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Chroma keyingAvailable in Indigo frame system only

KeyingOur easy-to-use and space-saving Safire real-time chroma keyers use their acclaimed digital chroma keying to create realistic 3Gb/s, HD or SD virtual images.

They are ideal for any live bluescreen or greenscreen virtual production, from weather to the most demanding virtual studio.

Our flagship Safire 3 chroma keyer incorporates useful features such as lighting compensation, video delay and colour correction.

The chroma keyers are available in the Indigo frame system only.

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Logo keying and picture scalingAvailable in both Vision and Indigo frame systems

Logo keyingWe offer a choice of products for adding graphics to video sources and for scaling pictures.

Use the LKEY 3 linear keyer or the M-KEY IP/SDI linear keyer for the simple keying of one graphic.

Or save money by using the M-WEBKEY IP/SDI web page keyer - which can key a web page on to a video input.

For adding multiple graphics, the MultiLogo three-layer logo keyer is a powerful video and audio branding tool with internal storage for up to 500 graphics.

For picture scaling, use the M-PIP to inset two IP or SDI picture-in-picture boxes on your programme. Or use the LKEY-SQZ squeeze back keyer to smoothly resize or reposition your programme.

The Clip N Key clip store allows a special clip to be played repeatedly - ideal for providing wipes.

The logo keying and picture scaling products are available in both the Vision frame system and the Indigo frame system.

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Video over IPAvailable in both Vision and Indigo frame systems

InterfaceOur IP products are software apps that run on the MARBLE-V1 media processor – purpose-built GPU/CPU hardware that fits in the Vision frames. Apps that are bought with the hardware can be replaced with different apps as needs change. No other IP products make it quite so easy for your systems to grow and mature with the transition.

The initial apps are IP gateways and translators, video delays, colour correctors and keyers.

Our IP products can work with IP (ST 2022 and ST 2110), with SDI or with both IP and SDI at the same time. This gives you the easiest possible SDI to IP upgrade, while also making them perfect for mixed SDI and IP installations as well as fully IP environments.

The video over IP products are available in the Vision frame system only.

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FramesAvailable in both Vision and Indigo frame systems

Our products are individual boards that need to be housed in rack frames. There are two frame systems available.

FramesVision is the industry's most forward-looking frame system and is aimed at those planning an IP or 4K installation or who want the most features on their SDI products. With one of the highest packing densities available, Vision can house up to 20 cards in 3U.

The Indigo frame system offers a choice of three frame sizes and the biggest range of products, including the chroma keyers and logo keyers. With Indigo you can house 12 boards in 2U and six boards in 1U – or you can put two boards in a desk top box if you don't want to use a rack frame.

Both frame systems offer a choice of control, redundant power supplies and excellent cooling – with the Vision frame including extra features such as dual syncs distributed to every card, super fast internal and external communications and the ability to handle higher bandwidth signals.

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ControlAvailable in both Vision and Indigo frame systems

ControlYou can control our interface and keying boards in many different ways. There are different control options available for the Indigo and Vision frame systems.

If you're using the Indigo frame system, choose from board edge operation on the module itself, an integrated control panel fitted to the front of the frame, GPIs, a remote control panel placed in any convenient location or a dedicated control panel for the more 'hands-on products'.

Alternatively use a web browser running on any device with our VisionWeb Control, choose the Statesman Lite Windows-based software, or integrate the products into your wider control system using SNMP or our ASCII and JSON protocols.

If you're using the Vision frame system, you have the choice of the integrated control panel on the frame, the VisionPanel remote control panel, the VisionWeb web browser software, SNMP or our ASCII and JSON protocols.

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