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Statesman LiteStatesman Lite is Crystal Vision's PC control software which allows control and status monitoring of our Indigo remote-enabled boards from any PC on a network via Ethernet – allowing control from anywhere.

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Please note that the recommended new way to control Crystal Vision boards is by using the web browser-based VisionWeb Control.

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Main features

  • Crystal Vision's free PC control software - now at Version 4.61 (released 8th July 2016)
  • Provides control and status monitoring of all remote-enabled Crystal Vision products in the Indigo range
  • Ideal for systems of any size - both large and small
  • Designed to work over Ethernet only
  • Monitor boards by examining control values and virtual LED settings
  • Easy operation of any board using graphical sliders, buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons and routing grids
  • Easy to keep it up-to-date: latest Statesman Lite product GUIs always available for download (updated 8th July 2016)
  • Does not work with the Vision frame system


Introducing Statesman Lite

The free-of-charge Statesman Lite brings user-friendly, time-saving and flexible control and status monitoring to the Indigo product range.

This Windows based system makes it easy to configure and operate the remote-enabled interface and keying modules using a PC.

Statesman Lite is a product for everyone, whether you need to control or monitor large installations, or whether you have a small system which incorporates boards with the powerful features that really benefit from the intuitive control offered by a GUI.

Statesman Lite has been designed to work over Ethernet meaning you can control your system from anywhere. You don't even need special cables: just plug it into your normal Ethernet network using industry standard CAT5 cables. Statesman Lite allows multiple PCs to talk to multiple frames on a network via Ethernet, with each PC running its own self-contained SQLite database.

Statesman Lite is for the Indigo frame system only and cannot be used with the Vision frame system.

What do you need to use Statesman Lite?

To use Statesman Lite you just need the free software - that's all. Using Statesman Lite does not require a dongle.

The Statesman Lite software is available either via a website download or on a CD.

To run Statesman Lite you need a computer running Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 or 8 and control via Ethernet. Any boards you wish to control must be housed in a frame with a smart CPU (the SE frames) or in a frame with both an integrated control panel and smart CPU (the AE frames).

The graphical user interface

With Statesman Lite comes flexibility. The control pane is split into two sections, meaning you can either view two different boards at the same time or two sub-menus for the same board.

VisionWeb Control

Statesman Lite's interface presents your system information to you using a logical, easy-to-access structure thanks to two tabs.

Select the System layout tab to see your frames and the boards they contain. Alternatively choose the A to Z tab to view all the boards in alphabetical order. This means you can get at any information you need with very few clicks of the mouse.

The Statesman Lite product GUIs are regularly updated, with the latest GUIs always available for download.

  • Download the latest Statesman Lite product GUIs

Board status monitoring

Providing see-at-a-glance status monitoring, Statesman Lite can be used to monitor the current state of the boards by examining control values and virtual LED settings.

Frame status monitoring

It's not only the boards that can be monitored. You can see the status of the frame itself by double-clicking on it in the racks window.

A GUI will appear giving useful information such as the frame serial number, which power supplies are fitted, the internal frame temperature and confirmation of the fans working.

Control your boards

Statesman Lite can also be used for real-time control of boards.

Each Indigo board has a specially designed GUI, with the large, clear display offering controls presented in a user-friendly graphical manner - resulting in instinctive operation of even the most complex module.

The various controls – from checkboxes to routing grids – allow easy selection of options with a simple click of the mouse.

All control options are easily available from tabs which line up across the screen, while windows can be user-resized for convenience.

Board naming, copying settings and backing up

You can choose which frames to add to the system. New boards placed into these frames will automatically come online once the board has booted and established communications with the front panel processor.

Right-click on a board or frame to change its name to something which clearly identifies it, up to 32 characters long. The original name can later be reset if required. You can also rename routing grid labels, if required.

Statesman Lite provides a fast method of applying the same settings to a number of identical boards by allowing you to copy any settings from one board to another. The board settings can be saved to either the database or a separate file, both for back-up security purposes and to allow studios to be set up in the same way. The ability to store any presets as well as the current settings gives you the power to completely restore a board.

You can back up the Statesman Lite system itself, including users and board renaming, and restore it from file. This means that – should the worst happen – you can quickly have an identical Statesman Lite system up and running without having to re-enter the details.

Statesman Lite downloads

Download Statesman Lite

Download Statesman LiteYou can download the Statesman Lite software below. To use the free Statesman Lite you simply need to install the software.

The current version of Statesman Lite is 4.61 which was released on 8th July 2016.

Before installing the software, remove any previous versions of Statesman including the installation folder and old settings.

Download Statesman Lite product GUIs

Download latest Statesman product GUIsYou can download the latest product GUIs, and then follow the instructions below to install the GUIs into your current version of Statesman Lite.

The current version of the GUIs is 4_61_14013 which was released on 8th July 2016.

(If you are using Statesman Lite to control the Safire 3 chroma keyer, please continue to use the 4_51_9233 GUI file from 17th July 2013 instead.)

To install the product GUIs...

  • Download and save the .sql product GUI file to your PC
  • Open Statesman or Statesman Lite
  • Click on Data > Update Control Panel Data
  • Click the Use Local File Button
  • Navigate to the sql product GUI file, and click Yes when asked if you want to do the update
  • Restart Statesman or Statesman Lite once the update is complete

Should you upgrade your GUIs?

To help you decide, the 8th July release updates the Statesman GUIs for the Up-Down-AS 3G, Up-Down-AFDS 3G, Up-Down-ATS 3G and Up-Down-ATXS 3G, with the new Dolby E silence alarms feature. (The previous GUIs release was on 3rd February 2015.)

If you are using Statesman Lite to control the Safire 3 chroma keyer, please continue to use the 4_51_9233 GUI file from 17th July 2013 instead.

Download Statesman Demo version

Download Statesman DemoThe demo version of Statesman allows you to see just what the software can do for you. You can download it below.

Showing the GUIs for all the Crystal Vision boards, the free-of-charge demo version allows you to fully explore Statesman’s functionality. The operational screens of every product can be opened and the controls operated. No real boards can be operated by the software and changes made to board configurations are not saved.

Installing the software will add a Statesman Demo item to your Windows Start menu, which you can click on to start the program.

Please note that the Statesman Demo includes features that were available in the now discontinued full Statesman.

Need help?

If you need assistance installing Statesman Lite or updating your product GUIs or you have any questions about the Statesman Lite PC control software, please contact our support team.

Full Statesman discontinued information

Crystal Vision is no longer selling the full paid-for version of Statesman (part no. ST4DONGLEUSB02).

There there will be no further development, including no bug fixes of the features which are specific to the full version of Statesman.

We will continue to provide product GUI updates until 1st January 2017.

We will provide dongles, allowing existing Statesman users to install the current or previous versions of the full Statesman software.

If requested new licence codes will be issued.

For those currently using the full version of Statesman, the user manual can still be found in the Registered Area on this website.

Need help?

If you have a question about our discontinuation of the full Statesman software, please contact our support team.


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