Project design help

Project design helpPersonal project design is a complimentary service we offer you and it's another one of the reasons why people like dealing with us.

Broadcasters often talk to us when they are beginning to plan a project, knowing that the multi-functionality of our modules means we can often do it in a way that uses a lot less boards, rack space and money than other solutions. They also like the attention we give them at each stage of the project planning.

We would be delighted to sit down with you and talk about your next project and how we might be able to help. Just tell us what you want to achieve and we'll work out the best way to do it.


How the project design process typically works

We are very good at working with our customers to help them design systems that provide solutions to their audio and video challenges.

The person who looks after the project for you could be…

  • Any of our salesmen who are all technically-trained
  • Our UK-based Product Manager who understands the products extremely well and was previously our Head of Customer Support
  • Our US-based US Product Manager whose 20+ years in the industry include nine years as Chief Engineer at a broadcast station and who spends much of his time sitting down with customers
  • Our Managing Director who started his career as an engineer at the BBC.

The person who manages your project will work in consultation with our development team, if new product features are required. Example features we have introduced through consultation with customers during their project planning include fibre I/O on our synchronisers and embedders and text insertion on our logo keyers.

The way we begin is to gather information about you so that we understand the things you are doing now and – most importantly – so that we understand what you need to do. This is done both in person and on the phone or by e-mail, depending on the opportunity, location, and scheduling – trade shows are one of the best places for these conversations to begin.

Once we have a good initial understanding of the scope of the project, we usually try and provide you with a block diagram of the proposed system, as well as frame layouts and appropriate quotations. The frame layouts and system diagrams are then discussed via phone and e-mail to allow you to better understand the solutions that are proposed.

This stage is a very good time to take that initial information that you gave us and fine-tune it. Many times one of our boards can be used in the place of two – and sometimes three – because of the flexibility that we offer. Embedding and synchronising a signal with a SYNNER 310, for instance, versus embedding at one stage and synchronising at another with two modules. Diagrams here help to highlight that we are creating a well-designed, streamlined system.

Once an order is placed, we can prepare a custom install document for you with detailed input/output and rear module information. We will also provide attentive support during system installation.

Ask us to help you design your next system

We would be delighted to talk to you about your next project.

Once you start talking to us about your system design, there is no commitment for you to use Crystal Vision products for your project, although you will probably discover – like other customers have done – that we can provide the best solution.


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