Indigo system

Audio conversion

Audio conversionCrystal Vision's two audio converters give excellent 24 bit performance when converting between analogue and digital audio, giving out clear, noise-free audio.

They can be used with sampling rates anywhere between between 30kHz and 50kHz, while the AES inputs on the DACA214 and AES outputs on the ADCA412 are configurable as either 110 ohm or 75 ohm.

Both boards are dual channel, allowing up to 24 audio converters in 2U and making them ideal for those multi-channel applications.

Indigo frame system

A to D and D to A audio converters

  • ADCA412 analogue audio to AES converterADCA412 dual channel analogue to AES digital audio converter
  • DACA214 dual channel AES digital to analogue audio converter