Indigo systemVision system

Audio embedding

Embedded audioWhether you're dealing with analogue or digital audio, the TANDEM range can provide the answer for every embedded audio application, from the most basic to the most sophisticated.

In addition to the embedding and de-embedding of up to four groups of audio, our feature-packed modules allow you to shuffle, replace, delay, process and monitor your audio - and can even include integrated fibre input or output connectivity, allowing you to embed or de-embed signals from beyond your local equipment bay.

Use the dual channel TANDEM 320 for those price-sensitive or space-sensitive applications.

Have a look at our Indigo and Vision audio embedders comparison chart to help you decide which one is best for your application.

Vision frame system

Audio embedders and de-embedders

  • TANDEM10-VF audio embedder/de-embedderTANDEM10-VF 3G/HD/SD AES/analogue audio embedder/de-embedder
Indigo frame system

Audio embedders and de-embedders

  • TANDEM 310 audio embedder/de-embedderTANDEM 310 3G/HD/SD AES/analogue audio embedder/de-embedder
  • TANDEM 320 3G/HD/SD dual channel AES/analogue audio embedder/de-embedder