Indigo system

Audio processing

Audio processingIf you need to alter your separate audio signals, the flexible ADP 310 can provide audio processing for multiple channels of analogue or digital audio.

This audio processing includes independent gain adjustments, stereo to mono conversion, channel muting, audio resampling and channel inversion and muting.

ADP 310 also doubles as an analogue or digital audio delay line.

Indigo frame system

Audio delay and processor

  • ADP 310 audio processor and delayADP 310 audio delay and processor for discrete AES or analogue audio

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Many of our other products include audio processing as part of their features set. If you're working with separate analogue audio, you'll get gain adjustments on the AADA-VF, AADA416FM and AADA416FR distribution amplifiers while the AADA-STM-1 has been designed for stereo to mono conversion.

And if you're working with embedded audio, you'll get gain adjustments, stereo to mono and audio resampling - plus channel muting and inversion - on our TANDEM10-VF, TANDEM 310 and TANDEM 320 embedders and SYNNER-VF and SYNNER 310 synchronisers. You'll find audio resampling on even more of our products from our up and down converters to the SYN-A 3G synchroniser.