Indigo system

Colour correction

Colour correctionWhether you need to adjust the colours on in-shot plasma displays, set the range of colours for an encoder to transmit or correct computer-generated and post-production outputs, Crystal Vision provides a cost-effective and space-saving solution - with clever features not usually available at this price level.

Designed for whole picture colour correction and legalising, our 100mm x 266mm board provides numerous RGB and YUV adjustments including gamma, advanced correction for gamut errors and control options to suit all preferences (including a hands-on control panel).

It also gives you preview mode with illegal signal value highlighting, relay bypass protection and integrated fibre connectivity - as well as support for 25 different video standards.

Indigo frame system

Colour corrector and legaliser

  • CoCo 3G colour corrector and legaliserCoCo 3G 3G/HD/SD colour corrector and legaliser

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We have products that include built-in colour correction as part of their features set. The Foreground colour corrector on our Safire 3 real-time chroma keyer provides lift and gain adjustments on the individual red, green and blue channels - helping to create a natural-looking composite picture.