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ControlCrystal Vision offers you flexible control, with a choice of hardware and software options.

Take your pick from an integrated control panel fitted to the front of the frame, a remote control panel placed in any convenient studio location of your choice or a dedicated control panel for the more 'hands-on products'. Some products offer board edge operation on the module itself.

Our GPIs are getting more and more flexible, allowing you to configure them to do just what you need.

Then there's the software options. Use a web browser running on any device with our VisionWeb Control, or integrate the products into your wider control system using SNMP or our ASCII and JSON protocols. The MultiLogo Control Software is dedicated software for the logo keyers and clipstores. The Statesman Lite Windows-based software is no longer supported but remains functional for existing users.

You'll get different control options depending on which of our frame systems you choose - Vision or Indigo.


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