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Frame integrated control panels

Frame integrated control panelsUsing an integrated control panel on the rack frame is one control option offered by Crystal Vision, and is available for most remote-enabled products in the range.

An integrated control panel is available on the Vision 3 frame and on the Indigo 1AE-DP frame where it comes fitted as a standard part of these frames.

So how does the frame integrated control panel work?

Vision frame system

Using the Vision frame integrated control panel

The Vision 3 frame comes fitted with an integrated control panel with LCD display which provides inexpensive monitoring and control of every card in the frame and removes the need to have board edge control on the Vision product range.

Vision integrated control panelThe front panel features a number of push buttons that allow access to the controls and status of every card fitted in the frame.

The 'Cards' button displays the list of cards fitted in the frame you can open up a card's status and control menu by pressing 'Enter' with this button also used to set a value.

Select the '+' and '-' buttons to go forward or back through the menu structure or increment or decrement a value. Press 'Exit' to go back a level in the menu structure without changing values.

The button with the cog symbol allows you to enter the configuration setup menu, while the 'Default' button allows you to enter a default value for a control.

The 'Home' button will return the display to the top of the menu structure.

On power up, after reset or if the 'Home' button is pressed the front panel will display the panel's build, serial number, name and primary IP address.

Indigo frame system

Using the Indigo frame integrated control panel

Crystal Vision's Indigo frame integrated control panel provides easy menu-driven control of the remote-enabled boards using ten buttons and a shaft encoder, with information shown on a two line 20 character display.

The integrated control panel can be operated either when the Indigo frame is closed or when the front panel is in the open position.

Each Indigo integrated control panel has two operational modes: Device mode and Card mode.

Integrated control panelThe panel maintains a list of controllable boards and using Device mode you can select which of the detected boards you would like to control.

The panel's shaft encoder is used to scroll through the available 'devices', which include boards, power supplies and the control panel itself. To control a particular board you just need to select it with the shaft encoder and then press the ENTER key to access that board's HOME menu. The control panel will then enter Card mode and communication with the selected board will be enabled.

The integrated control panel can also aid trouble shooting. If a fault arises in a frame, a fault message may appear on the display. When a fault is cleared, the display will show "Fault cleared".

To use front panel operation, you will need to set the local/remote switch on the board to remote.


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