Indigo systemVision system

Logo and linear keying

Linear and logo keyingYou can insert any graphics on to video sources using our logo and linear keyers. Choose from products which include internal storage (the MultiLogos) or those that get their graphics via an external video input (the M-KEY, LKEY 3 and LKEY-SQZ) or via a web page (the M-WEBKEY).

The MultiLogo logo keyer is a powerful video and audio branding tool for adding up to three graphics to HD or SD video sources, and provides 4 GB or 8 GB of internal storage for up to 500 graphics as well as full audio processing.

The M-KEY and LKEY 3 linear keyers are designed for the simple keying of one graphic over video streams.

An alternative to our traditional linear keyers, the unique M-WEBKEY web page keyer can key a web page on to a video input, providing a cost-effective alternative to a full graphics system.

The M-KEY and M-WEBKEY are software apps that run on the MARBLE-V1 media processor and work with IP, with SDI or with both IP and SDI at the same time.

Finally, the LKEY-SQZ squeeze back keyer combines linear keying with picture squeezing.

Have a look at our Indigo and Vision keyers comparison chart to help you decide which one is best for your application.

Vision frame system

IP/SDI web page keyer

  • M-WEBKEY IP/SDI web page keyer software appM-WEBKEY IP/SDI web page keyer – software app which runs on the MARBLE-V1 media processor

IP/SDI linear keyer

  • M-KEY IP/SDI linear keyer software appM-KEY IP/SDI linear keyer – software app which runs on the MARBLE-V1 media processor

Media processor hardware

  • MARBLE-V1 media processorMARBLE-V1 media processor hardware which runs Crystal Vision's software apps, with connectivity for up to four 10GbE, six SDI inputs/outputs and eight AES inputs/outputs
Indigo frame system

Three-layer logo keyers


Linear keyer

  • LKEY 3 linear keyerLKEY 3 3G/HD/SD linear keyer

Squeeze back keyer


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