Indigo system

Routing and switching

Routing and switchingCrystal Vision offers a variety of 2 x 2 switches and small routers for 3Gb/s, HD and SD sources - products that broadcasters rely on to keep them on air. Use them as your emergency transmission switch if you need to avoid broken equipment or use them to manually bypass products requiring maintenance.

Guarantee yourself a clean switch with the fail-safe Safe Switch 3G which uses a full framestore synchroniser on each input to correct for any timing difference - and can even lose the reference signal and not affect the output. Replacing a switch and two synchronisers, Safe Switch 3G gives you the functionality of three products on one board.

And always get the best output by switching on even a really subtle fault - our switches will intelligently choose the better output based on the audio and video parameters that are most important to you.

Alternatively you can use our small router to send eight sources to up to three destinations.

Indigo frame system

2 x 2 fail-safe routing switches


2 x 2 routing switches


8 x 3 crosspoint routing switch

  • SW803 8 x 3 crosspoint routing switchSW803 3G 3G/HD/SD 8 x 3 crosspoint routing switch