Indigo systemVision system


SynchronisationWhether you need to synchronise incoming video signals not locked to your local reference or compensate for timing delays within your video system, Crystal Vision's extensive range of synchronisers will be perfect for the task.

Some of the boards are designed for sources that contain embedded audio, others are perfect for video-only sources. Between them these feature-packed boards include flexible timing adjustments, freeze functionality, cross-locking, tracking audio delay, AFD insertion, audio routing, audio and video processing, integrated fibre connectivity and unique features for dealing with Dolby E.

The multi-functional SYNNER-VF and SYNNER 310 additionally include the embedding and de-embedding of up to four groups of external audio.

Have a look at our Indigo and Vision synchronisers comparison chart to help you decide which of our synchronisers is best for your application.

Vision frame system

Multi-functional embedded audio synchronisers

  • SYNNER-VF multi-functional synchroniserSYNNER-VF 3G/HD/SD synchroniser, tracking audio delay and AES/analogue audio embedder/de-embedder
Indigo frame system

Synchronisers ideal for video-only sources

  • SYN 3G synchroniserSYN 3G 3G/HD/SD synchroniser

Synchronisers for embedded audio sources


Multi-functional embedded audio synchronisers

  • SYNNER 310 multi-functional synchroniserSYNNER 310 3G/HD/SD synchroniser, tracking audio delay and AES/analogue audio embedder/de-embedder

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And that's not the end to our synchronising. All our MARBLE-V1 IP/SDI software apps include synchronisation. Our Safe Switch 3G 2 x 2 routing switch uses a full framestore synchroniser on each input to guarantee a clean switch. Our synchronising up/down/cross converters use two downstream synchronisers to keep the two outputs valid at all times. Our Safire 3 chroma keyer and LKEY 3 linear keyer both include a synchroniser on each input for easy system timing, while our video delays can delay and synchronise at the same time. Even our analogue to digital converters include a synchroniser, allowing untimed inputs to be timed to the local reference.