Indigo system

Video A to D conversion

Video A to D conversionCrystal Vision's A to D converters have been popular since the company began. The decoders are perfect for bringing sources generated by cameras, tape machines, DVD players and graphics generators into a digital environment.

They can work with the full range of analogue signals (composite, Y/C, YUV and RGB) and cope with signals of varying qualities, from full broadcast to VHS. Asynchronous signals can also be timed to the local system thanks to the on-board synchroniser.

The range includes the multi-functional EMDEC-200, which saves money and rack space by offering the functionality of three products: decoder with synchroniser, tracking audio delay and embedder.

For those wanting to convert the other way, we no longer offer a dedicated D to A encoder - however you can find this functionality in the Q-Down-AG 3G down converter which can convert SDI to composite, Y/C, YUV and RGB.

Indigo frame system

Video decoders and A to D converters