Vision system

Video over IP

Video over IPCrystal Vision offers the most flexible video over IP.

Our IP products are software apps that run on the MARBLE-V1 media processor purpose-built video over IP hardware that fits in the Vision frames. Simply change the app when your needs change. No other IP products make it quite so easy for your systems to grow and mature with the transition.

The initial apps are SMPTE ST 2022 and SMPTE ST 2110 IP gateways for converting SDI to IP and IP to SDI providing transport of uncompressed video over 10GbE IP networks. The IP to IP translator apps, meanwhile, are ideal for any applications where network settings need to be changed in some way whether you need to translate protocols, convert multicast to unicast or create media firewalls.

Our best of breed solutions do what they are designed to do really, really well. They will give you clean switching between flows, sophisticated synchroniser features, full PTP support, ten frames of video delay, unicast and multicast transmission support, signal and flow status monitoring for peace of mind and traffic shaping - as well as support for AMWA NMOS IS-04 and IS-05.

Future IP app development will include audio processing, delays, profanity systems, safe switching, picture scaling, metadata insertion, graphic storage and keying.

Our IP products are robust, future-proof, include all the required features at a competitive price and can be connected to a wide range of other manufacturers' equipment for true interoperability making them the best choice for integrating SDI into an IP environment.

Which frame system do you need? The IP products are available in the Vision frame system. Only the Vision frame has the ability to handle higher bandwidth signals such as 10GbE IP.


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