BrochuresIf you want to know something about our products, there's an extensive range of brochures here that should provide the answer.

If you are seeking an overview of what we do, read the Product Range catalogues for our Indigo and Vision systems which are full of useful information including comparison charts and the inputs and outputs for each product. The Vision Product Range catalogue was recently updated on 22nd September.

If you are looking for more detail, then there's individual leaflets for each board where you can find block diagrams, technical specs, ordering information and more.

What's new? Learn about our new 1U frame and more about our flexible IP platform - the MARBLE-V1 media processor - by reading the December Vision On newsletter.


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Vision On newsletters

  • December 2017 Vision On - includes the 1U frame for the Vision frame system, more about the MARBLE-V1 media processor, a chroma keyer case study and our 2018 exhibitions NEW
  • September 2017 Vision On - includes the official launch of our IP gateways (software apps that run on our media processor hardware), the reasons why our Safire 3 chroma keyer wins projects, a new distributor for Australia and information about hiring our products
  • June 2017 Vision On - includes a major upgrade to our VisionPanel universal control panel, the NAB reaction to our IP products and new representatives for the USA and Israel
  • March/April 2017 Vision On - includes our future-proof IP gateways, new processing for our Safire 3 chroma keyer, latest resources and obsolete products